About Us

Welcome to Pizza2Pizza Group!

“Pizza2Pizza’s Specialty: a selection of scrumptious Homemade Pizzas, freshly prepared from the Finest Ingredients following the European traditional pizza making method”

Our Mission Statement

What differentiates Pizza2Pizza from other pizzerias?

We’re unique because we use only the highest quality ingredients, serve a variety of sizes and focus in creating pizzas tosuit each individual taste. Since decades, the Pizza2Pizza team has been devoted to creating the finest pizzas, tempting
appetizers, home specialties and delicious deserts at sound prices. Recently launched in China, our secret for successes is dedication to you by providing courteous, dependable and legendaryservice. Our custo- mers are special and we aim to please by constantly providing you with our ultimate best.

Pizza2Pizza Company Overview

* Enjoy our Pizza Experience Philosophy *
f you want to savor our Pizza Experience Philosophy, all you have to do is pick up a slice. There’s no better Place for “Commitment to Quality, Dedication to Innovation and Excellence” than Pizza2Pizza.
Our commitment to quality and excellence comes from a strict policy to use only the freshest ingredients, the flavorsome combinations of toppings, and a mouth-watering Home-baked crust. As for the originality side of things, well, leave that to us.

What does a team full of enlightened, French pizza specialist delivers you? It delivers you large variety of delectable pizzas with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Quality mozzarella, Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Salmon and Very Fresh sea food mix. And for the sophisticated pizza-eaters, it gets you homemade “halal” cuts, Fresh Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Cherry tomatoes, chicken, onions and our special imported beef (Soujuk). This is the pizza invented by innovative people who learned to always think outside the box.

At Pizza2Pizza, we’re always researching new ways to tantalize your tasting buds, and to push the pizza experience to its higher level.
And because we’ve received such ovation and raging support from our customers, food critics and journalists, we have made the sky our limit as to what we can create with our pizzas. Whether you decide to eat at Pizza2Pizza or have it swiftly delivered to your doorstep, you’ll need to get ready for an exhilarating adventure. Are you ready for the Ultimate Pizza Experience?

Pizza2Pizza Culture

Pizza2Pizza is a Pizza Restaurant Company located in Guangzhou, China. We serve quality Home-Made European Pizzas and our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by creating a friendly environment and serving them in a professional way.

Pizza2Pizza name was chosen carefully by the managers. Our slogan “Connecting Pizza Lovers” says it all. We want to show the customers that we connect pizza lovers together. Since The Managers are Pizza lovers then there is a connection between them and the clients. This is a two way communication as we give our love and knowledge and they give us back the love and satisfaction.

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